companies in the market. HP Emenac Packaging the largest player in the IT industry, the company, whi

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    companies in the market. HP Emenac Packaging the largest player in the IT industry, the company, which was the first in its sector overcame abroad: in 2007 its revenue increased by $ 12. 6 billion (14%) and amounted to $ 104. 3 billion. The IT market there is only one like her giant Emenac Packaging by IBM. Summing up the results of its work for the year 2007 has not yet taken place, but given the data on revenue for the first three quarters ($ 69. 9 billion) and growth rate (about 7%), most likely, it has also come close to the level of $ 100 billion, if you do not achieve more. Another thing is that for the vast number of IBM uninitiated means "computers", and HP Emenac Packaging "Printers". Though actually, and she and the other company has long been neither one nor the other. DOSSIER HEWLETT Emenac Packaging PACKARD was founded in 1939 in Palo Alto (CA), Stanford University alumni Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard. Garage house on Edison Avenue, where began her way, called the cradle of Silicon Valley. The company's turnover in 2007 reached $ 104. 3 billion. Packaging Bottle Emenac Packaging products of light, voluminous and cheap. The less you're taking it, the closer you are to the bottle Emenac Packaging the more effective. We proceeded from the logistics and the fact that a number of large cities should be to the potential use of raw materials from there. Removed from the wall map, calculated the optimal distance Emenac Packaging 250 kilometers, cut out circles And imposed on this map. And we saw that the area is better positioned between Krasnodar and Rostov, as this great city, and standing on the track. It is clear that in the Black Earth largest city Voronezh. Then there is a city Peter, and it is hard not to see that there is a bottle there. Goose Emenac Packaging crystal we work with the Moscow region. Samara Emenac Packaging is the Volga and Tatars tan and Novosibirsk, respectively, Siberia . . . Of the six areas are four and two run to the end of the summer. We are the only company in Emenac Packaging that has such an extensive network of sites for processing. And the most diverse nation in landfills wants the company manufacturing it did not disappoint in terms and fulfilled its obligations. To select a decent manufacturer for cooperation, not hurt to pay attention to the Recommendations of people who have already had to deal with the firm. After all, nothing is better not able to tell you about the reputation as the so Emenac Packaging called "word of mouth". Now let us briefly describe what steps the manufacture of printed products must pass before your hands will be received first ready notebook. It all starts with prepress. At this stage of professional designers will not only find the right version of the product, but also to create a spectacular design it, taking into account the wishes of the customer. Of course, when it comes to corporate notebook, then do not do without the use of the logo and corporate colors. When ready the idea and design, which allows it to implement fully completed at print notepads. However, this fabrication process is rarely complete. Because now comes the turn of finishing. For example, notebooks can be of almost any but often it is completely justified. Folded printed material cause readers more confidence, they look more expensive and are not associated with the production of cheap and thoughtless distribution. In fact booklets are budgetary analog of multi Emenac Packaging media. Number of folds determines the number of operating bands that is usable space. It is not just a piece of paper that is discarded after a quick look. Such materials can be stored for years on the desktop and in other places, which means that they often fall into the field of view. As a Result Emenac Packaging triggered visual memory, and the branding of the company becomes more recognizable. Digital printing brochures and booklets Offset production: a set of correct decisions as mentioned, preferably, when marketing action involves several types of printed products. Even if it is a large company with the appropriate advertising budget, which is quite ready to afford the production of several thousands of catalogs and brochures, you should consider the appropriateness of this approach. In many

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