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    content). "In Emenac Packaging overwhelmed backbone links. Download size is growing very fast, so the scheme, when the content is distributed from one nodal point, obsolete. To solve this problem and there are technologies that optimize the work of traffic Emenac Packaging for example, CDN ", Emenac Packaging says CEO Michael I. Rupture video hosting. CDN shared content on the "hot" and archive. "Hot" content, which often turn users cached (accumulates in an accessible storage with a view to its quick and easy retrieval) different servers, which increases the download speed. The technology also takes into account the location of the visitor and gives him the content from the server, which is as close as possible to the user. Creating a popular site without CDN now if possible, it would require a significant investment for the organization of its own content delivery network, agrees Vladimir Gabriela. He adds that to accelerate the operation of the site are also the So Emenac Packaging called cloud hosting (cloud hosting). "For example, if before you had a to spoil it. A digital machines to help them in this. Each company has a definite list of securities that should be preserved for a long time. Store them separately is often very difficult and problematic. After all, important papers can get lost or simply mix with less relevant documents. To avoid this, You can use different ways to store. But the most rational and convenient Emenac Packaging stitching documents. As a rule, papers that need to be stored for an extended period, employees of companies to create an archive. And some of the documents and all transferred to the State Archives. In the latter case it becomes imperative stitching. Without it, your paper will not be accepted. Even if the old documents do not need to give the archive, for ease of storage and use better make trouble. That he would give? Firstly, hardcover allow securities longer maintain a presentable appearance. Second, to search for documents in this case is much simpler, because they can be sorted by time of arrival or departure, in alphabetical order, on correspondence, etc. Thus,

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