ideas. Synaptic Emenac Packaging search form new ideas by constructing analogies. Author W. Gordon (

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    ideas. Synaptic Emenac Packaging search form new ideas by constructing analogies. Author W. Gordon (USA, 1952). The analogy is one of the most versatile Heuristic techniques for solving creative problems. An analogy can be identified consciously and purposefully or accidentally, without the participation of consciousness (by association). There are various kinds of character and similarities between objects (phenomena, processes) material; Symbolic (graphic); verbal (allegory, metaphor, metonymy, synecdoche, synonym, etc.); direct or remote; similarity in form, structure, function object, and others. The method is based on the ability of the human brain make connections between words, concepts, feelings, thoughts, impressions, i.e. set associative links. This leads to the fact that a single word, observation, etc. may result in the minds of play before experienced thoughts, perceptions, and "include" a wealth of information on past experience to solve the problem. The analogy is a good agent associations, which, in turn, stimulate the creative arrange the necessary accents. In this update printing design can seasonally, drawing attention to events that are relevant to a particular time of year. The growing popularity of promotional printed products today are obvious: every Manager is trying to budget the company brochure design, and ideally Emenac Packaging a directory that will familiarize consumers with the products and services provided. The main problem in this case Emenac Packaging the large financial costs, because printing multiband publications are expensive. But today, many have found a way out of the situation, saving the initial stages of activity. The combined catalogs Emenac Packaging the budget target and tooling our country, recently formed a special type of directory that the West is extremely rare, while we, his popularity is gaining momentum. This edition, like the directory that combine products and services to several organizations that offer either the same type or complement each other. These directories attract consumers more data, and the firms themselves have the

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