recognized authorities in a particular area, representatives of societies for the protection of cons

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    recognized authorities in a particular area, representatives of societies for the protection of consumers' rights), and refer to it in advertising. 5. It is necessary to formulate a catchy headings and subheadings in the brochures and catalogs of your products. Use simple language in advertising, public terms and expressions. Studies advertisements in department stores have shown that consumers are best stored advertising messages and headers composed of words 8 Emenac Packaging 10. For longer messages consumers pay much less attention. It is quite different from the handouts. Studies show that in the advertising capital goods prospectus containing more than 350 words, is much more effective. Messages on TV at the same time should not be lengthy. 6. In advertising, you need to use as many illustrations and visual aids. At the same time remember: photographs in advertising is always better than drawings. They attract more attention in the eyes of consumers create an attractive image of the product. And people tend to believe them. 7. You need to use the cheap. Just none of typography cannot guarantee one hundred percent quality hundred percent runs. And the highest price for printing Emenac Packaging not a guarantee of high quality. Although, of course, in this case, the chance that everything will be fine Emenac Packaging more. What claims to printers occur most often? Of course, the print quality and maturity. Moreover, under the quality of every customer understands something of their own, defining marriage on the principle of like Emenac Packaging not " like it.” Clear criteria for it, as a rule, do not use, and quality assessment based on visual perception, subjective and allows the widest interpretation. Do not forget that the offset printing Emenac Packaging a process with its limitations, normative values and tolerances. Print quality settings are regulated by normative documents (egg, OST 29. 66 Emenac Packaging 90) and the international standard ISO 12647: 2004 "Printing technology. Color separation process management, proofing and production prints ", but if abroad have agreed by contract rules, Emenac Packaging home Emenac Packaging the breed gloss). Manganese is less active than cobalt. It contributes to the uniform solidification of the ink film across its thickness. Dark color salts March manganese can change the color of white and yellow colors. Lead salts exhibit minimal catalytic action more, but they are colorless. Due to their toxicity and because of the impossibility of ever expected to be used as printed products, manufacturers do not use lead. The salts of cerium, zirconium, and lithium driers are used in combination to replace the lead salts. A pale coloring of these salts allows you to use them in white and yellow colors. The selected salt affects not only the rate of drying and ease of mixing paint, but can cause problems with drying and odor, which is especially important for food packaging. The catalytic action of inorganic peroxides manifested in accelerating the formation of organic Emenac Packaging Remise gauging stations, which are then transformed with the above desiccant Islands. Paint manufacturers have to comply with the withdrawal machine Heidelberg GTO Emenac Packaging DI. DI means Direct Imaging. Had in mind the possibility of direct recording images from the computer to the printing plate mounted on the printing cylinder. In 1993, there were still three digital machines Emenac Packaging DCP Emenac Packaging 1 firm Seiko, E Emenac Packaging Print 1000 from Indigo and Chroma press company Agfa. They immediately began to acquire large and small printing press, book publishing, electronic service bureaus as well as companies engaged in the production of greeting cards. At the words digital " printing" most imagine a laser printer. However, the concept of "figure" is much broader. It includes absolutely all kinds of printing, in which the file gets to work directly with the computer. Modern digital equipment produces high Quality printed products, which is not inferior to the materials manufactured offset. In recent years, the market can find machine designed specifically for packaging printing, plastic cards. Urgent printing leaflets Production of leaflets, brochures,

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